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Banking workloads to public cloud? In CEE in 2021? Joke or reality?

Which public cloud complies with EBA banking guidelines? Is it enough?

To power banking transformation, cloud engages six powerful business enablers:

  • cost flexibility

  • business scalability

  • market adaptability

  • masked complexity

  • contextual variability

  • ecosystem connectivity

Cloud adopters among banks are naming the following benefits:

  • Reducing infrastructure costs – use cloud to standardize and simplify IT organization, processes and infrastructure resources (Westpac)
  • Developing software more efficiently – provide cloud-based end-to-end software development environment, driving efficiencies in software creation, maturation tracking, testing, failure detection and production deployment(DanskeBank)
  • Building an ecosystem to enhance service and expand market reach – use cloud to create bank-driven vibrant business-to-consumer ecosystem, while motivating and driving its own secure digital transformation (SBI)
  • Expediting product development – cloud can accelerate time-to-market for development of new banking offerings providing banks with competitive edge by quickly responding to customer needs
  • Fast introduction of Innovation / new capabilities leveraging certified ISV SaaS solutions

However, adoption of cloud in banks across CEE is facing many hurdles, mainly

regulatory driven. Therefore selection of use cases for cloud adoption is essential, e.g.:

Business approach

  1. End to end loans
  2. Customer on-boarding
  3. Deposits and savings
  4. Payment processing
  5. Trade finance
  6. Post-trade clearing and settlement
  7. Predictive models
  8. and others…

Technical approach

  1. Migrate non-production workloads to cloud, ie. dev/test environments – cost flexibility, market adaptability, business scalability
  2. Migration of production workloads subject to data privacy and confidentiality requirements can be leveraged with ISV like Truata – cost flexibility, market adaptability, business scalability
  3. Migrate existing vmWare workloads to cloud – cost flexibility, scalability, business continuity
  4. Provide self-service assistance to bank clients with Watson Assistance based chat bot or in cooperation with Unima2000 – voice bot operating in local language
  5. Disaster Recovery without double commitment – cost flexibility, business scalability
  6. Persistent archive in cloud object storage for decommissioned applications and systems – masked complexity, cost flexibility
  7. and others…

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